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Energy Connections, LLC Presents:
Toe Reading - "Sole" Coach

Toe Reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records
the story of your life. Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings,
as well as their thoughts.
The following is an excerpt from KC Miller's book: Toe Reading: 
Are You Walking Your Destined Path?

"It has been documented that everything that happens in your life, the
story and emotions, are stored  as cell memory. There is more going on 
in the world, and specifically YOUR world, than meets the eye. And, it
just may be your toes that reveal the most.

An experienced Toe Reader knows "toes" tell the truth, even when the
person themselves may not even be aware how deeply their experience
has effected them.  The ever changing characteristics of the feet, toes,
nails provide valuable clues as to the inner struggles or inner resolve."  

toe-reading coaching
Based on Ayurvedic 5-element theory,
each toe has been assigned unique
characteristics describing the relationship between the physiology of the body and 
the elements of the natural world.

The first toe represents the Ether element
or the Destiny Toe.

The second toe is know as the Air Toe or the Communication Toe.   

The middle toe is the Fire Toe- the "Just Do It or Not"  toe.

The forth toe is the Water Toe - capturing Relationship stories.

The little toe is the Earth Toe. The Earth Toe reveals Trust on the left
and Prosperity and Abundanceon the right.


Baby Toes in Heart Transformation

"Toe Reading is like getting a report card from spirit." KC Miller  
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