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ThetaHealing® was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995, when she was told that she has bone cancer and there was no cure for the type of cancer she had. This is when Vianna went up to the Creator and asked for help because she "believed" she could be cured and knew she was not meant to die with three small children to take care of.  The Creator instantly healed Vianna and told her to go out and teach ThetaHealing® to the world.  Vianna has been completely cured since then and travels the world teaching ThetaHealing®. ThetaHealing® is a meditation process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator of All That Is.

To do this, you go into a Theta Brain Wave state, which is a very relaxed, meditative state of mind. You connect with the seventh plane of existence and the Creator of All That Is, and this is where you command for the healing and then witness it taking place, which is part of the process. This can be done in person, over the phone, or SKYPE.

Sessions are co-created with Divine/Source and instant healing can take place.  Beliefs can be transformed on every level: core, genetic, soul, and history levels.  Healing can take place with DNA activations, transforming negative thought forms, changing limiting beliefs, healing past lives, genetic healing, physical healing, emotional healing, feeling work, and much more. Teaching a person to live without fear on a daily basis can be life changing if the person has never lived without fear and doesn't know how to.  Also, experiencing unconditional love or joy for the first time can be life changing if a person has never experienced this.

You can literally change and re-write your feelings and beliefs to heal your body and world you live in to recreate every aspect of your life. You can heal resentments, regrets, guilt, sadness, a broken heart, physical issues, spiritual issues, and any number of emotional  
issues.  Miraculous healing and miracles can take place from this Theta state and the connection to the Creator of All That Is.

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Dr. Jerri's Personal Healing Experiences with ThetaHealing:  
I have taken several spiritual/holistic healing trainings where I have worked on releasing a
variety of core childhood issues for years. During ThetaHealing classes I learned how to
connect to the Creator of All That Is. I was able to clear many of my emotional issues on a
deeper level.  I have also experienced healing in my physical body.

Hearing Restored! 
I had a 95% hearing loss in my right ear.  Four years ago I had surgery to repair my middle  
ear. The doctor was not able to complete the operation due to the infection through out
the entire ear that no one knew was there.  Six months later the doctor was able to rebuild
my inner ear. My hearing greatly improved...almost to normal levels. Things were OK for awhile Then I started getting ear infection after ear infection. I went to the doctor a few weeks  before I took my first ThetaHealing class.  My hearing had declined.  The doctor said 
he wanted to see me again in a month. If my hearing was not better, I would need to get a
tube put in my ear.

The day of my doctor appointment I used ThetaHealing to connect to the Creator of All That
Is to pull the limited belief that I couldn't hear.  I replaced it with the belief that I could 
hear perfectly, loud and clear with my eardrum intact. I had a hearing test before I met with
the doctor.  The doctor said my hearing was almost back to the level it was after my second 
surgery.  He looked in my ear and saw an accumulation of ear wax.  He cleaned out the wax
and said my ear looked great.  My hearing had improved greatly with all the ear wax in my

Bee Sting Allergy Healed!
Thirty five years ago on a hike through the woods, I walked into a hornet's nest.  I was stung 
multiple times and was rushed to the ER.  After this event I became allergic to a single bee 
sting.  I have been stung three times by a bee that required a trip to the  ER to regulate my
breathing and pain.  I have not been stung for several years, until last year.

Last year I was stung by a bee in my back.  I very quickly used ThetaHealing to connect to 
the Creator of All That Is to pull the limited belief that I would have an allergic reaction to 
the bee sting.  I had a small bump on my back after I was stung.  I did not have a severe
reaction to the bee sting!  I was able to release all the shock and trauma connected to
walking through the hornets' nest.

    ThetaHealing Coaching Packages: 
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 1. Abundance Package - Clear up to 125 Limiting
     Beliefs and any Shock and Trauma connected.
     Three hours - 2-3 sessions.

2.  Energy & Healing Coaching Package - Clear up
     to 125 Limiting Beliefs and any Shock and
     Trauma connected. Three hours - 2-3 sessions.  

3.  Manifesting Package - Clear up to 125 Limiting
     Beliefs and any Shock and Trauma connected.
     Three hours - 2-3 sessions.

4.  New Business Pkg - Clear up to 125 Limiting
     Beliefs and any Shock and Trauma connected.
     Three hours - 2-3 sessions.

5.  Personal Customized Coaching Package - 
     Three hours - 2-3 sessions. 

6.  SoulMate Package - Clear up to 125 Limiting
     Beliefs and any Shock and Trauma connected.
     Release any previous relationships.
     Three hours - 2-3 sessions. 

7.  Weight Release Package - Clear up to 125 
     Limiting Beliefs and any Shock and Trauma
     connected.  Three hours - 2-3 sessions.


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