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 **You Can Find the Answers to Your Questions by Using Oracle Cards!**
Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards Readings
Oracle cards are a wonderful way to receive guidance on issues that might be troubling you. Even if nothing is troubling you, oracle cards can help you focus your energy and receive 
messages from your guides, the angels, or your higher self. 

Using Oracle Cards is a powerful way to tune-in and receive the wisdom you need...from 
your soul.  A personalized reading can give you this profound information you need NOW.

I use my intuitive abilities along with the cards to help you receive the messages you need.
Oracle cards work by making use of the "Law of Attraction", which means that where you 
are currently at energetically will attract the cards that have the message appropriate to
you and the questions you are asking.

Set an Intention and Choose Your Reading 
  There are many intentions you can set for your reading. I will help you gain clarity on
  setting your intention and choosing the appropriate type of reading. In addition, we
  will discuss the options of "oracle cards" that are available.

Types of Readings:

        3-Card Spreads
       1. Overall Guidance ( What's blocked, How to release block, Future Outcome)

         2.  Making a Decision (First Option, Second Option, Third Option or insight) 

         3.  Timeline (Past, Present, Future)
         4.  Body, Mind, Spirit (Action, Thoughts, Direction)

         5.  Finding or Strengthening a Relationship (Improvement, Release, Action)

         6.  In-Depth Question (Answer, Further Insight, Deeper Insight)  

         5-Card Spreads
       1.  Messages from Your Spirit Guides (You, Angels, Earth, Masters, PastLife)

         2.  Life Purpose (Past, Current, Next Steps, Connection, Purpose)

         3. Transition/What Now?(Direction, Lesson, Moving Forward, Objectives, Message)

       7-Card Spreads
       1.  Abundance (Childhood Influence, Limited Beliefs, Blockage, Truth, Next Step,
                   Need to Avoid, Maintain Flow)

         2.  Chakra (1-Survival, 2-Creativity, 3-Passion, 4-Love, 5-Communication,
                   6-Intuition, 7-Spirituality) 

         3.  Influential Cards (Past, Current, Future, Action to Take, External, Hopes and
                  Challenges, Outcome)

          4.  Love (How You See Yourself, How You See Your Partner, How You Feel About
                    Your Partner, Present Situation, Blockages Between You and Your 
                    Parter, How Your Parter Sees You, How Your Partner Feels About You)

           5.  Animal Companion (Pet Wants You to Know, Health Right Now, How You Can
                    Improve Their Health, Feelings Right Now, How to Make Them Happier,
                    What Your Pet Wants Right Now, Overview of Their Life)

       Medicine Wheel  One-Year Spread using the Soul
      Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn. The Medicine Wheel
      is a symbolic representation of all the cycles of life, such as
      the cycles of the rising and setting sun; the phases of the
      moon; the stages of birth, death, and rebirth; and turning of
      the seasons. A card is chosen for each month. After I pull 
      all 12 cards, I will pull one final card to represent the 
      overall energy for the entire year. 

      Each reading includes a picture of the Medicine Wheel
      spread, a list of crystals and essential oils to enhance the energy
       fo each month and the entire year. As you look at the reading, 
        you'll receive insights to the energy flow for the coming 

      Many blessings,

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