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"How to Thrive in the Midst of Change"

The titles for the series of the 6 Thriving in the Midst of
Change audios are:
·      Audio 1 – Change:  What’s it Really All About

·      Audio 2 – What’s Your Style When it Comes to Change?

·      Audio 3 – Position for a Transition During Change

·      Audio 4 – Bouncing Back from Change

·      Audio 5 – Becoming the Best You

·      Audio 6 – Helping Others Navigate the Course of Change

 In these audios you will discover:

•   Three phases of the change process
•   How different personality types deal with change differently
•   How to navigate through the challenging transitional phase of
•   How to be resilient in the face of change over and over again
•   5 tips that will help you become your best self and thrive during
•   How to help others cope with the difficulties of change